Mexico has long been the top travel destination for Americans. But until now, there has not been such a panoramic vision of Mexico offered by some of Mexico’s finest contemporary writers of fiction and literary prose. Here are writings—many translated for the first time—that bring you to the people of the beaches, deserts, jungles, snow-capped mountains, and megacities.

The voices are rich and diverse, the stories enthralling and strange. These writings shatter stereotypes as they provide a rollicking journey from the Pacific to the Gulf, from Yucatan to the U.S.–Mexico border, from humble ranchos to a fabulous mountaintop castle.

C.M. Mayo is founding editor of Tameme, one of the most prestigious publishers of Spanish/English literary translation. She is the author of the widely lauded travel memoir, Miraculous Air: Journey of a Thousand Miles through Baja California, the Other Mexico, and Sky Over El Nido, which won the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction.

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This is how Mexico looks, tastes, and feels, and how its writers write about it. . . .This is a book to throw in a suitcase or mochila (backpack) on the way to Mexico or just settling into a favorite patio chair. It will open your eyes, fill you with pleasure, and render our perennial vecinos a little less distante.

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This delightful anthology . . . allows readers who do not have roots in Mexico or who have never traveled there a glimpse into the rich diversity of people and landscape. For travelers, these selections enhance exploration and offer vistas beyond the scope of the usual tourist guide. For other readers, they provide a clearer understanding of the cultural and social forces that shape today’s Mexico. Highly recommended.

Library Journal

This delicious volume has lovingly gathered a banquet of pieces that reveal Mexico in all its infinite variety, its splendid geography, its luminous peoples. What a treat!

Margaret Sayers Peden, leading literary translator and editor, Mexican Writers on Writing

  • The U.S.-Mexico Border
    • Tecate:
      • Daniel Reveles, Big Caca’s Revenge
    • Ciudad Juárez:
      • Carlos Fuentes, Malintzin of the Maquilas
  • The North
    • In the State of Sinaloa:
      • Inés Arredondo, The Silent Words
    • In the State of Chihuahua:
      • Jesús Gardea, According to Evaristo
    • The Northern Desert:
      • Ricardo Elizondo Elizondo, The Green Bottle
    • Baja California:
      • Agustín Cadena, Lady of the Seas
      • C. M. Mayo, Rancho Santa Inés: Fast!
  • Central Mexico
    • Mexico City:
      • Carlos Monsiváis, Identity Hour or, What Photos Would You Take of the Endless City?
      • Juan Villoro, One-Way Street
      • Guadalupe Loaeza, Oh, Polanco!
      • Fernando del Paso, The Emperor in Miravalle
    • Near Cuernavaca, Morelos:
      • Mónica Lavín, Day and Night
    • In the State of Puebla:
      • Pedro Ángel Palou, Huaquechula
      • Ángeles Mastretta, Aunt Elena
    • Morelia, Michoacán:
      • Raúl Mejía, Banquets
    • Guadalajara, Jalisco:
      • Martha Cerda, And One Wednesday
    • Querétaro (in the Bajío):
      • Araceli Ardón, It Is Nothing of Mine
  • Along The Gulf Of Mexico
    • In the State of Tabasco:
      • Bruno Estañol, Fata Morgana
    • In the State of Veracruz:
      • Ilan Stavans, Twins
      • Raymundo Hernández-Gil, Tarantula
  • South And Southwest
    • Acapulco:
      • Julieta Campos, She Has Reddish Hair and Her Name Is Sabina
      • Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca:
        • Alberto Ruy Sánchez, Vigil in Tehuantepec
        • Chiapas:
          • Rosario Castellanos, Tenebrae Service
      • Yucatán
        • Laura Esquivel, Swift as Desire
  • Daniel Reveles
  • Carlos Fuentes
  • Inés Arredondo
  • Jesús Gardea
  • Ricardo Elizondo Elizondo
  • Agustín Cadena
  • C. M. Mayo
  • Carlos Monsiváis
  • Juan Villoro
  • Guadalupe Loaeza
  • Fernando del Paso
  • Mónica Lavín
  • Pedro Ángel Palou
  • Ángeles Mastretta
  • Raúl Mejía
  • Martha Cerda
  • Araceli Ardón
  • Bruno Estañol
  • Ilan Stavans
  • Raymundo Hernández-Gil
  • Julieta Campos
  • Alberto Ruy Sánchez
  • Rosario Castellanos
  • Laura Esquivel
  • Alfred MacAdam
  • Cynthia Steele
  • Mark Schafer
  • Geoff Hargreaves
  • C. M. Mayo
  • John Kraniauskas
  • Daniel Shapiro
  • Amy Schildhouse Greenberg
  • Philip Garrison
  • Carl I. Jubrán
  • Eduardo Jiménez
  • Harry Morales
  • Daryl R. Hague
  • Leland H. Chambers
  • Myralyn F. Allgood
  • Stephen Lytle

MEXICO, edited by C. M. Mayo, ISBN # 9781883513153

For an interview with the editor and a sample story, go to

Posted on 24 February 2010

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