This collection guides the reader through the complexity that is Japan. Although frequently misunderstood as a homogenous nation, Japan is a land of tremendous linguistic, geographical, and cultural diversity. Hino Keizo leads the reader through Tokyo’s mazes in “Jacob’s Tokyo Ladder.” Nakagami Kenji explores the ghostly, mythology-laden backwoods of Kumano. Atoda Takashi takes us to Kyoto to follow the mystery of a pair of shoes and discover the death of a stranger. The stories, like the country and the people, are beautiful and compelling.

Let these literary masters be your guide—from the beauty of northern Honshu through the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, to the many temples in Kyoto, through Osaka and the coastline of the Sea of Japan, and down to southern Kyūshū—to a Japan that only the finest stories can reveal.

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This is an excellent collection of autobiographical essays and short stories. The stories are chosen to be evocative of some of the ways that people in various locations around Japan have lived, paying attention to its diversity, and this admirably achieved. . . . well worth having.

Japanese Studies

An indispensable pleasure.

Japan Times

  • Tōkyō
    • Hino Keizō, Jacob’s Tōkyō Ladder
    • Maruya Saiichi, The Obtuse Young Man
  • Northern Honshū
    • Inoue Yasushi, Under the Shadow of Mt. Bandai
  • Ōsaka
    • Oda Sakunosuke, The City of Trees
    • Miyamoto Teru, The Swallows’ Nesto
  • Kōbe
    • Tada Chimako, The Garden that Spirited My Dog Away
  • Kyōto
    • Atōda Takashi, The Destiny of Shoes
  • Kumano
    • Nakagami Kenji, The Immortal
  • The Sea of Japan Coast
    • Mizukami Tsutomu, One Night with Mother
  • Kyūshū
    • Kawabata Yasunari, Yumiura
    • Takahashi Mutsuo, The Snow of Memory
  • Okinawa
    • Shima Tsuyoshi, Bones
  • Hino Keizō
  • Maruya Saiichi
  • Inoue Yasushi
  • Oda Sakunosuke
  • Miyamoto Teru
  • Tada Chimako
  • Atōda Takashi
  • Nakagami Kenji
  • Mizukami Tsutomu
  • Kawabata Yasunari
  • Takahashi Mutsuo
  • Shima Tsuyoshi
  • Lawrence Rogers
  • Dennis Keene
  • Stephen W. Kohl
  • Burton Watson
  • Anthony Hood Chambers
  • Jeffrey Angles
  • Millicent M. Horton
  • Mark Harbison
  • Kyoko Omori
  • Michael Emmerich
  • William J. Tyler

JAPAN, edited by Jeffrey Angles and & J. Thomas Rimer, foreword by Donald Richie, ISBN # 9781883513160

Excerpts to come.

Posted on 24 February 2010

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