Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Journey into the Costa Rican imagination through twenty-six remarkable stories, selected and organized regionally for the curious traveler. Here, for the first time in English, the best of Costa Rica’s writers conjure the country’s allure and vitality, its coffee fields and palm groves, cicadas and songbirds, shrouded mountains and blazing savannas, while telling stories unique to Costa Rican life.

Splendidly evokes life in the tropics. . . . This anthology of recent Costa Rican writing introduces us to a host of compelling voices.

Outside magazine

Magnificent . . . The stories are of the highest literary quality.

Oscar Arias, former president of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize winner

If you want to make inroads into the Costa Rican imagination, it is a must-read.

The Economist

  • Northern Zone
    • Carmen Naranjo, Believe It or Not
    • José León Sánchez, The Girl Who Came from the Moon
    • Mario González Feo, Bucho Vargas, Healer and Medicine Man
  • San José and the Central Valley
    • Yolanda Oreamuno, The Lizard with the White Belly
    • Rima de Vallbona, The Chumico Tree
    • Fabián Dobles, The Taguá Tree
    • Samuel Rovinski, The Adventure
    • Fernando Durán Ayanegui, Monday
    • Alfonso Chase, Faust in Hatillo
  • Guanacaste
    • Rima de Vallbona, Mystery Stone
  • Southern Pacific Coast
    • Carlos Salazar Herrera, The Bongo
    • Alfonso Chase, She Wore a Bikini
  • Southern Zone
    • Carlos Salazar Herrera, The Carbonero
  • Atlantic Zone
    • Fabián Dobles, The Diary
    • Carlos Luis Fallas, In the Shadow of the Banana Tree
    • Quince Duncan, The Oropéndolas
    • Abel Pacheco, From Deeper Than Skin
    • Julieta Pinto, The Blue Fish
  • Costa Rica
    • Yolanda Oreamuno, The Spirit of My Land
    • Carmen Lyra, Pastor’s Ten Little Old Men
    • Joaquín Gutiérrez, A Leaf of Air
    • Max Jiménez, The Palmitero
    • Louis Ducoudray, Here
    • Uriel Quesada, We Have Brought You the Sea
    • Alfredo Aguilar, Mint Flowers
    • Carmen Naranjo, When New Flowers Bloomed
  • Alfredo Aguilar
  • Fernando Durán Ayanegui
  • Alfonso Chase
  • Quince Duncan
  • Fabián Dobles
  • Louis Ducoudray
  • Carlos Luis Fallas
  • Mario Gonzáles Feo
  • Joaquín Gutiérrez
  • Carlos Salazar Herrera
  • Max Jiménez
  • Carmen Lyra
  • Carmen Naranjo
  • Yolanda Oreamuno
  • Abel Pacheco
  • Julieta Pinto
  • Uriel Quesada
  • Samuel Rovinski
  • José León Sánchez
  • Rima de Vallbona

COSTA RICA, edited by Barbara Ras, ISBN # 9781883513009

Excerpts to come.

Posted on 24 February 2010

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