Travel to one of the most dynamic cities in the world in the company of its finest writers. The stories in this volume will take you on a personal odyssey through the city’s rich past to its dynamic present. Arranged by the areas of Amsterdam they illuminate, these stories offer up a rich literary banquet to the traveler who wishes to experience the character and soul of this great city.

Join better-known Dutch writers such as Harry Mulisch and Cees Nooteboom, along with those whose writing appears in English here for the first time, as they lead you along the canals, through the neighborhoods, and from the past to the present in this rare collection of twentieth-century Dutch literature.

Goes beyond stereotypes to portray a more complex portrait of a complex city. . . . A portrait of modern Amsterdam through the eyes of some of the country’s finest writers.

Chicago Tribune

Stories and excerpts . . . which vividly evoke a city of contrasts. . . . Another inviting and instructive Companion from Whereabouts.

Kirkus Reviews

Well chosen contributions here range from novelist Maarten’t Hart’s memoir of living in Amsterdam’s famous red-light district to a column by Amsterdam’s version of Herb Caen (the late Simon Carmiggelt) and Cees Nooteboom’s wonderful essay on the intimate relationship between water and earth in his city.

San Francisco Chronicle

Amsterdam collects 17 remarkable stories by writers from Amsterdam that reflect the ethos of the place–the city’s cultural and geographic personality. . . . This guide is the perfect guide to the Dutch imagination.

Translation Review

  • City and People
    • Cees Nooteboom, Amsterdam
    • J.J. Voskuil, Sunday Morning
    • Simon Carmiggelt, Chickens
  • Canals
    • J. Bernlef, The Three Galleries
    • Martin Bril, Cafe Walem
    • Remco Campert, Soft Landings
  • Jordaan
    • Marion Bloem, A Pounding Heart
  • Red-Light District
    • Maarten ‘t Hart, Living in the Red-Light District
  • Centraal Station and Beyond
    • Geert Mak, Rambling around Centraal Station
    • Hermine Landvreugd, Staring Out the Rear Window
  • Gay Amsterdam
    • Gerrit Komrij, The Light at the End of the Tunnel
    • Bas Heijne, Flesh and Blood
  • Jewish Amsterdam
    • Lizzy Sara May, Business
    • Gerard Reve, The Decline and Fall of the Boslowits Family
    • Marga Minco, The Return
  • South
    • Harry Mulisch, The Assault
  • Vondelpark
    • Hafid Bouazza, Apolline
  • Cees Nooteboom
  • J.J. Voskuil
  • Simon Carmiggelt
  • J. Bernlef
  • Martin Bril
  • Remco Campert
  • Marion Bloem
  • Maarten ‘t Hart
  • Geert Mak
  • Hermine Landvreugd
  • Gerrit Komrij
  • Bas Heijne
  • Lizzy Sara May
  • Gerard Reve
  • Marga Minco
  • Harry Mulisch
  • Hafid Bouazza

The publisher gratefully acknowledges the support from the Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature in Amsterdam.

AMSTERDAM, edited by Manfred Wolf, ISBN # 9781883513092-0

Excerpts to come.

Posted on 23 February 2010

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