Lesbian Travels

Lesbian Travels

Lesbian writers reveal stories of their travels in these twenty literary pieces set around the world. West Africa, Kathmandu, Russia, Israel, Chile, and many other fascinating destinations form the backdrop to a rich variety of women’s true adventures. Whether dealing with partnership, self-discovery, foreign political issues, or love and sex, these stories capture some illuminating facet of what it means to travel as a lesbian woman.

Audre Lorde experiences a wakening in Mexico where she finds a women’s community and a love affair. “It was in Mexico that I stopped feeling invisible. In the streets, in the buses, in the markets, in the Plaza, in the particular attention within Eudora’s eyes.” In “Beds” Judith Barrington humorously handles the Question in hotels in France with her partner: a room with two single beds or a double? Susan Fox Rogers explores how travel can open up the traveler as she voyages to Alaska with her father and converses in ways not possible at home.

Regardless of their destination, lesbian travelers can find in this volume the perfect traveling companion.

Fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy the literary ride!

Curve magazine

Great fun—the distinct and different voices just made me want to pack my bags and go!

Rita Mae Brown

  • Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Preface
  • Rebecca Brown, Foreword
  • Alaska
    • Susan Fox Rogers, Traveling with Desire and Father
  • U.S.A.
    • Linda Smukler, Looking at a Map of the United States
    • Terri de la Peña, Beyond El Camino Real
  • Chile
    • Mariana Romo-Carmona, Between the Andes and the Sea
  • Egypt
    • Evelyn White, Egypt: Body and Soul
  • Europe
    • Barbara Wilson, Invisible
  • France
    • Carole Maso, The American Woman in a Chinese Hat
  • France/Spain
    • Judith Barrington, Beds
  • Gaza
    • Sarah Jacobus, Some New Ideas
  • Greece
    • Rebecca Shine, What I Will Never Be
  • Grenada
    • Margaret Erhart, Marriage
  • Guinea
    • Donna Allegra, Dancing Home a Stranger
  • Japan
    • Marianne Dresser, A Queer Night in Tokyo
  • Kathmandu
    • Gerry Gomez Pearlberg, Driving for the Fast and Faithful
  • Mexico
    • Audre Lorde, Zami
    • Nisa Donnelly, Witnesses to a Revolution
  • Paraguay
    • Sarah Grossman, Adios Paraguay
  • Russia
    • Sonja Franeta, Amazon Sisters on the Trans-Siberian Railroad
  • Donna Allegra
  • Judith Barrington
  • Nisa Donnelly
  • Marianne Dresser
  • Margaret Erhart
  • Sonja Franeta
  • Sarah Grossman
  • Sarah Jacobus
  • Audre Lorde
  • Carole Maso
  • Gerry Gomez Pearlberg
  • Terri de la Peña
  • Susan Fox Rogers
  • Mariana Romo-Carmona
  • Rebecca Shine
  • Linda Smukler
  • Evelyn White
  • Barbara Wilson

LESBIAN TRAVELS, edited by Lucy Jane Bledsoe, $14.95, ISBN # 1-883513-07-3

Excerpts to come.

Posted on 13 February 2010

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