Gay Travels

Gay Travels

Seventeen stories by some of the best contemporary gay writers evoke a variety of experiences relevant to the gay traveler. Here Paul Monette strives to visit the ruins of Tiberius’s villa during a cruise stop in Capri. This struggle prompts him to string together moments of thundering clarity on various peaks and temple sites to form a truly inspired piece of travel writing. Joe Orton combines drugs and sex in Tangier, Michael Nava journeys back in time, and Philip Gambone finds gay life in Beijing. Regardless of their destination, gay travelers can find in this volume the perfect traveling companion.

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Some of the best travel writing ever published. Within these pages, the reader travels to such distant lands as Tangiers, Beijing, Jaipur, or Capri—with writers like James Baldwin, Philip Gambone, Joe Orton, Edmund White and Paul Monette.

Genre magazine

A really different, readable, intriguing, and useful travel guide . . . . Some pieces are sexy, others humorous, still others dramatic. . . . It is the first anthology of gay travel writers.

The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review

Gay Travels is a literary companion that shares prominent gay writers’ adventures while traveling. So all you have to do is read to broaden your travel horizons and to cross new borders. . . . Take it with you on your vacation, after all, vacations are for reading a good book!!

Mom Guess What Newspaper

I am delighted by this beguiling collection of homotravel tales and memoirs, a rich blend of fine prose fantasies made real. . . . It’s rare that every essay in a collection works: take an armchair trip with this rarity now.

Richard Labonte, Q San Francisco

  • Felice Picano, Foreword
  • Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Preface
  • Spain
    • Brian Bouldrey, Pilgrim’s Regress
  • Beijing
    • Philip Gambone, Invading Their Space
  • Olympia
    • Darieck Scott, Ride of the Centaurs
  • Tangier
    • Joe Orton, Tangier Diary
  • California
    • Rondo Mieczkowski, Bodies in Motion
  • India
    • Adam Klein, A Desert Shade
  • Israel
    • Hanns Ebensten, First Night in the Promised Land
  • Berlin and beyond
    • Edmund White, Shopping
  • Central Africa
    • Cary Alan Johnson, Obi’s Story
  • Mexico City
    • Andrew Holleran, Sleepless in Mexico
  • Sacramento
    • Michael Nava, Journey to 1971
  • Tobago
    • Achim Nowak, Jungle Fever 138
  • Russia
    • David Tuller, Broken Romance
  • Barcelona
    • Erasmo Guerra, La Plaça Reial
  • Indiana
    • Michael Lowenthal, Sand Niggers and a Tallboy Bud
  • Paris
    • James Baldwin, Equal in Paris
  • Capri and beyond
    • Paul Monette, A One-Way Fare
  • James Baldwin
  • Brian Bouldrey
  • Hanns Ebensten
  • Philip Gambone
  • Erasmo Guerra
  • Andrew Holleran
  • Cary Alan Johnson
  • Adam Klein
  • Michael Lowenthal
  • Rondo Mieczkowski
  • Paul Monette
  • Michael Nava
  • Achim Nowak
  • Joe Orton
  • Darieck Scott
  • David Tuller
  • Edmund White

GAY TRAVELS, edited by Lucy Jane Bledsoe, $14.95, ISBN # 1-883513-06-5

Excerpts to come.

Posted on 13 February 2010

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