Welcome to Whereabouts Press! Here you will find travel books that are truly unique. Unlike guidebooks written by professional travel writers, our books feature stories written by literary writers — all of whom who have lived in the places they write about. Most were born there, or grew up there, or lived there for many years. And they didn’t write specifically for travelers. They wrote because they had a good story to tell.

We believe that one of the best ways to get to know about a place is to read the best stories that have been written about it. Through these stories, we think, readers come to see not just a place but the soul of a place.

Our Mission

Our books feature timeless writing that illuminates a subject — a city, a country, a people — in a way that only fine literature can. Good stories, we believe, reveal as much, or more, about a locale as any map or guidebook. So we leave it to other publishers to tell you where to stay and what to eat. Our mission is to convey a culture through its literature.

Our Hope

We know that every journey is filled with experiences. And we believe that fine writing enhances experiences. We hope that our books enhance your journeys, enrich your experiences, and foster greater understanding—whether you actually travel to a place or simply enjoy fine writing.

Our Books

Books from Whereabouts Press are essential companions for the curious traveler — so they are all designed to be easy to pack in a suitcase or carry along on a trip. But they are not only for travelers. Whether you are planning a trip, have recently returned from a visit, or simply have an interest in a place, our books offer a perspective that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Contributors

We select stories by writers who have something distinctive to say. Our contributors include celebrated luminaries and Nobel Prize winners, as well as writers who are not well-known outside their native countries. Many of the stories in our books appear in English for the first time.

Our Translations

Although very few of the stories collected in our books were originally written in English, we pride ourselves on our translations (and our translators). We think that all of the stories read as wonderfully in English as they did in their original languages.

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